Snoozy Dozy

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Slip into snoozy time easily and wake up feeling refreshed with Snoozy Dozy gummies!

This scientifically created, vegan formula helps you boost your natural sleep hormone, and supports a healthy sleep cycle so you can fall asleep fast and stay asleep.
The unique blend in Snoozy Dozy Sleep Gummies promotes a calm, relaxed feeling for your mind and body. 
A good night of sleep will improve your immune system, cognition, productivity, and athletic performance.  On the other hand, poor sleep patterns and duration are linked to weight gain and increase your risk of developing chronic conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure, and depression.

Formulated with Melatonin, the berry-flavored gummies also include plant-based formula (no gelatin) containing L-theanine and other sleep superstars that enhance the perfect night of restful dozing without the need for heavy sleep aids.

Get into the beat of a perfect circadian rhythm the naturally delicious way.