Opto Biotics

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Opto Biotics is packed with probiotics and natural ingredients, giving you a comprehensive solution for digestive issues and aiding your immune system to work more efficiently. 

Formulated to deliver a potent blend of beneficial bacteria strains, each serving promotes a healthy gut microbiome and support optimal digestion. Each tablet is packed with billions of live cultures, ensuring maximum effectiveness and providing a comprehensive solution for digestive issues.

Beta-glucans have been added to strengthen your immune system by helping your body fend off illnesses while citrus bioflavonoids work to neutralize free radicals.  Immune and digestive health is essential for maintaining energy.

Whether you're dealing with occasional digestive discomfort, looking to maintain a healthy gut flora balance, or seeking support during travel or antibiotic use, our Opto Biotics provides the support you need to feel your best every day.