Collagen Gummies

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This is going to be the easiest part of your daily health and beauty routine!  Just 2 great-tasting gummies offer you so many benefits.

Icon Muscle Collagen Gummies are an excellent source of high-quality pure collagen peptides. These delicious, chewy treats are more convenient than powders and provide amazing benefits when you add them to your daily routine. 

Wrinkles, flabby muscles, and sagging skin?  Just say "No way!"   
As we age our bodies produce less collagen.  Icon Muscle Collagen Gummies are specially formulated to improve skin elasticity & minimize deep wrinkles. while assisting with the skin's tone and firmness.  Collagen also is vital in gut maintenance and overall internal health.

Vitamin A and B vitamins have been added to support healthy, and glowing skin. 

Biotin is included in our formula in order to help sustain collagen levels as well as help improve skin hydration, smoothness, and appearance.  It can increase the rate of follicle growth so you can prevent various health problems like hair loss, dandruff, and scalp itchiness.  
Biotin is not just for hair support, it keeps your nervous system in working order by helping nerve signals. When taken with B vitamins (which are also in this formula) they may protect your brain, improve your memory, and help form a defense against cognitive issues.